We’re looking to extend intelligence

A passion for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has driven us to innovate with the objective of creating intelligent machines that solve real problems. Our intelligent solutions have already started impacting the trading world, so we’re now making a beeline for every aspect of consumers’ lives. Our sights are set on being real-world problem solvers who aim to clarify, and not confuse.

Our sophisticated technology emerges from a genuine connection

We fused creativity and intelligence together to make way for a synthesis between Algorithm and Quant. Our desire to simplify lives has compelled us to create AI with an authentic human touch. Our way forward has had its roots in our trading solution that automates and simplifies investment decisions. Its ability to lead as well as assist has set the tone for the disruptive products in our tube. We’re now creatively assembling the future on our worktables to simplify your life with AI.

The Dubai International Financial Centre serves as the space we strategize in. In 2013, we began modestly as we built our way upwards and expanded our vision en-route. We started with an intent to create a trading solution that outlives the unpredictability of the market. Each model our AI generated, carried a probability of more than 70% to perform as a standalone investment strategy, far exceeding a random expectation. We’ve already crunched the numbers and readied our plan, now we’re on our way to you.



We have a clear agenda.

Our mission is to push the limits of intelligence and creativity beyond the human mind

To honour this resolve, we’re integrating our technology into real world solutions. We create programmable intelligence that keeps up with your pace and then goes beyond it. It gives you a reason to do more. Providing comprehensive solutions is our primary objective. With this purpose on our drawing boards, we’re working towards transforming your reality with our products. The mission is to break open the box and step out of it as your creativity finds new spaces to explore with our products.



Our vision is to become pioneers of a generation of intelligent and creative machines, capable of changing the way people get things done

We predict an era of intelligent and creative machines that simplify lives. In fact, we plan to help create it. We’re out to assemble machines that belong in a better future, today.  We’re striving to create a generation of intelligent machines moulded to inspire. The path to our vision is laden with creativity, curiosity and compassion. Creativity urges us to look over and above, to do all and to do it all well. We’re curious about you so we can figure out how to make your life easier. But compassion is at the core of our drivers. We’re looking to make machines that identify real needs of real people. Our solutions are designed to be humane, the only true route to solving human problems.