The product design wizzes in our AI research offices across India, Dubai and Kiev strive to create cutting-edge solutions to everyday problems that caters not only to the new-age consumer, but anticipates the needs of tomorrow.

Smart Gardener

An indoor plant irrigation system with a range of pre-set options, that allows busy working professionals to maintain their potted plants remotely. This slick automated beauty was as exciting for our team to develop as it will be for nature-lovers living in sky-scrapers, who are hesitant to grow plants at home in fear of them withering when they are out vacationing or travelling for work. The system has a three-step ‘monitor-alert-maintain’ setup that cares for your plants like you would.

Digital da Vinci

A wireless wall robot that uses vacuum technology to climb walls and create prints as commanded. Crafted for the generation that is high on ideas but low on time, this innovation lets you imagine, create, print, erase and re-imagine with the walls of your home as the canvas.

Remote Locking System

Glass doors in offices the world over are locked with one uniform system. So, our product team decided to come up with a tiny innovation that lets patrons lock and unlock their premises with the click of a button – even remotely. The customised lock is nothing more than a low-key hardware addition to the existing system, but with high-tech implications.

Cutting-edge DJ

Here’s a DJ that can actually feel the pulse of the audience. This is an AI enabled DJ solution that creates a stream of music in foot-tapping sequence by mapping tempo, beats and tunes. Now simply select a set of your favourite numbers in random sequence, and sit back while the AI DJ sequences, loops and creates a mix that will outdo any warm-blooded DJ.

24x7 Hedge fund Manager

Collective investment has never been this intelligent. This AI-enabled Hedge Fund solution creates strategies for you based on basic inputs of preferences like risk-appetite and industries of interest. It then goes on to execute those strategies to a T, while you finish whatever else is on your plate.

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